Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Galveston in 2 days!!!

I can't believe the Lone Star festival and my first Quarter Iron are just days away - I leave for Galveston on THURSDAY! Milestones like this always make me think back to the days before I did triathlons, when I spent every afternoon and evening vegging on my couch, or on my boyfriend's couch. I'm such a different person now. The thought of going an entire day without any kind of activity makes me cringe. I want to be outside, moving around, taking advantage of the fact that I have the full use of my body. This has been tested many, many times in the past months as I've been sick and/or injured. There were so many times I could have thrown in the towel, said "I just don't think this sport is for me," and walked away without anyone thinking less of me - or me thinking less of myself. But I guess I'm just in too deep! Too addicted. I have yet to find anything that can beat a 2 hour bike ride in 70 degree, sunny weather with light winds. It's better than... well, you know. Sorry guys.

We've got all our team plans finalized for this weekend. 7 of us will be staying at my mom's home on the Strand on the north side of the island. We have bike storage under control, as well as food and bed space. Saturday night we're going to join the folks from beginnertriathlete.com for a pre-race dinner for those doing the Quarter and Half (post-race for those doing the sprint). I'm driving down early on Thursday after my brick workout to spend some quality time with my mom before the whole crew arrives. Maybe I'll get in some yoga at our studio there, too, while we're at it...

I picked up Tex from the shop today, he looks shiny, happy, and ready to race. The rear cassette has been adjusted, so gears shouldn't be slipping anymore (though I will definitely be trying him out before I leave town to make sure). Gary gave the tri team a little extra donation while I was there as well - thanks Bicycle Path! I tried out the new racesuit in the pool last night, and it felt pretty good. I'm going to practice doing transitions in it a little later today. It LOOKS good for sure!!! We're finally going to look like a "real" triathlon team. Go Mean Green!


  1. dang you are leaving early to go there. Good luck, hopefully I'll see ya out there.

  2. Hope you have a great race!