Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ok Ok Ok

I know. It's update time. Why haven't I written about the Lone Star Quarter race last Sunday. Because I've been dreading writing this post.

I didn't get to race last Sunday. After another week of feeling sick, I wasn't able to. I was... well, frustrated doesn't really even begin to describe how I felt, but I guess it's a start. I got to race site, checked in, set up in transition, went for my 10 minute warm-up run... and thought I was going to pass out. Never a good idea to hop in the water for a 1000m swim at that point. But I was angry and sad - and extra angry because we finally, finally, FINALLY (did I mention finally?) figured out why I've been so sick these past 2 and half months.

I had mono. Back in January - only it didn't look like mono because I didn't have the fever, sore throat, etc., so no one diagnosed me with it - or even bothered to check me for it. Had I known it was mono, I could have taken the proper time off and rested and taken care of myself, and I would probably be much better now. Now that I know what I need to do to take care of myself, I probably WILL start getting better, but the last couple of months aren't going to make it any easier. My coach and doctor have been amazing and are doing everything possible to make sure I get to complete the rest of my racing season as scheduled (though, obviously, big goals like medaling are on the back burner now - it's all practice at this point, working towards the fall season, or possibly even next spring). My big rule is basically to just have the most boring life possible, with the exception of yoga, training and racing. 10-12 hours of sleep a day (more if needed), healthy, healthy food and a ton of supplements, absolutely no alcohol (none, nada, zilch, not even a sip), no late nights, nothing that will cause large amounts of stress. Basically I live for triathlon, which maybe is good practice but STILL. What's really frustrating is that, really, it was a pretty mild case of mono. The fact that I was able to place in multiple races during that time is proof of that - which means that really, if I had known what was going on, two weeks off probably could have had me healthy and good to go again. Instead, I lost two and a half months.

But now I'm done complaining. The good news is - I'm feeling really good right now. I spent the last week resting - really resting. All I did was a couple of Yin and restorative yoga classes. And I slept a lot. And ate really healthy foods. And drank a lot of water. And took all my supplements. And now, I'm ready to head home and start easing back into training, bearing in mind all I've learned this past week about what's going on with my body. If I keep being smart, I shouldn't have to miss anymore races - which is good, because Nationals is next weekend, and while I know I'm not going to be turning any heads at that race, it would kill me to have to miss it.

I hope everyone had a happy (if somewhat wet) Easter. I head back to Denton tomorrow to deal with everything that piled up while I was escaping this past week. But I will not stress about it! Because I'm not allowed to. I'm just going to be excited about Nationals next weekend. And I AM excited. And if you hear me say ANYTHING on here about alcohol, feel free to reprimand me.

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  1. Good news about finally finding out why you were feeling sick all that time.

    Now get some sleep and get ready for Nationals ;)