Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm an athlete, not an administrator...

Ok, because I'm Type A, I'm actually very good at administrating. I've been an administrative assistant in many guises and titles over the past few years. I do well at it. But you know what I like more?? Riding my bike! But now I've hurt myself doing yoga, and, ok the last day and a half off from training was pretty ok, buuuut I'm already starting to get restless again, and my legs aren't feeling any better yet! I still haven't seen Dr. Laney yet, which is probably why, but still! I've behaved. I've stayed off my feet. I've iced. I've stretched. And for what? They actually feel a little worse now. Bleeeh.

So, anyways, since I can't be out doing what I really love, I've been working on administrative stuff for our team - namely, our website. Duh Duh DUNH! I don't really like sitting at computers that much. An hour is about my max, which is why I could never have a stereotypical corporate job. But last night I spent 6 HOURS on our website, which was supposed to have been finished by someone else, ohhh... 6 or 7 months ago. Frustrated? Who me? Please. I also didn't mind that my knees ached more after keeping them bent in the same position for so long. (Please no comments on the fact that I sounded like an old lady just then). Needless to say, I wasn't too thrilled with the situation. I would be less grumpy about it if I wasn't on a strict training hiatus at the moment. I'm supposed to have an easy run today... I want to run... : (

Enough ranting. So, clearly my legs need to get better ASAP. But for all you yogis out there - I haven't done anything for three days, shouldn't this be better by now? I haven't done yoga since Tuesday, and this really wasn't very bad to begin with... It seems kinda weird to me.

Anyways, sorry for the slightly incoherent and less thought-out post, but I'm going crazy over here. On a happier note, make sure you add our team's new blog to your list of those that you follow:

Have a happier Sunday than me! (Maybe some of the good vibes will make their way here and rub off on me...)


  1. Sorry to hear your knees are still bothering you. Knee pain tends to come from tendons or ligaments rather than muscle, and takes longer to go away. My yogini advice is keep icing, 2-3 times a day. And a restorative yoga pose that might help - sit next to a wall with one hip against the wall, then spin your legs up the wall and lower your back down to the floor. Now you are making an "L" with your legs on the wall, butt close to the wall. Relax, close your eyes, hang out there for 15-20 min. Come down by bringing your knees down to your chest and rolling onto your side. Sit up very slowly.

  2. Where you been? You are a couple of days behind!!! Need more MJ blogs! Hope you are well though...

  3. Hey, hope you're feeling better by now!