Monday, February 16, 2009

You want my arm to go WHERE?

Since I haven't been feeling the hottest the past month, I asked Aaron to give me an extra recovery week (so I have two total now), and decided to use the extra time (and energy...) to re-focus on my yoga practice. Now, yoga and I have had an on again/off again relationship... pretty much ever since we met 4 years ago at the studio my mom goes to. I always say I'm going to be better about practicing regularly, but it never happens. Recently, though, I've heard so many triathletes go on and on about how great yoga has been for their training/racing that I was finally inspired to get back into practice.

So, a little over a week ago, I found myself and my poorly neglected mat in the meditation garden outside the Yoga Hut in Denton. (That's right. There's a meditation garden.) I'd been to the Yoga Hut, ohhh once every two or three months for the last couple of years. I got my roommate to come along for a beginners Hatha class - she was easy to persuade because we'd taken the dogs out on the trail earlier in the day, and both needed to get back in a chi place! The instructor, Sheree, remembered us from our failed attempts at commitment in the past, and chatted with us for a bit before the class started. By the time 6:00 rolled around, the room was PACKED! Denton has gone all yoga on us, apparently...

The class definitely pushed us a little (especially with the downward-facing dog - that pose should never, ever be done for more than 10 minutes... shudder...), and afterwards we went out for a post-class beer and veggie tacos. It was, honestly, a really relaxing night. I felt a lot better mentally than I had in weeks - ever since I'd started feeling sick a month before.

So, two days later, I went for another class - this time a morning one. Another great experience. It was a harder class, and I thought at the end "wow, that really wasn't that bad!" I then went and had a great day. Then I woke up the next morning. Uh... why am I so sore I want to die?? I haven't done weights this week... What the heck? Wha... oh my god. It's the yoga! That's why my hamstrings are trying to separate themselves from my thighs and run away crying. Wow. Flexibility, mental focus, AND strength-training... Yoga is the shit! I have to go again... So that night I go again. Of course. And I wake up the next day... even more sore. Well. Shocker.

Then on Saturday, Aaron takes me through my most grueling weights routine yet. I take Sunday as an easy day with an hour ride on the trainer. Ahhh... not even too sore! I'm getting stronger! I'm going to kick so much ass this year! I will do yoga again tomorrow!

Lindsay and I go for the Hatha class again tonight. I'm feeling like a yoga pro at this point. I've got my mat laid out, I'm in my seated position, relaxing, practicing my breathing. And... well, let's be honest, checking out the cute guy in the back of the room who I've just found out is from Colorado (that's hot, ok?). But just checking him out a little. Mostly being very, very focused and chi. And stuff.

Sheree starts taking us through our standing positions for the night. Now, I know I'm not a very flexible individual. I won't pretend to be. My hamstrings are short and the muscles in my shoulders could put a rubber band ball to shame. But I tend to make it through yoga classes reasonably easily. I'm aware of my body, and know how to manipulate better than many who are new to the yoga practice - I can thank running and tri's for this. But, well, tonight... a week's worth of yoga and that weights session... oh boy. I am not holding things together like usual! Sheree is having to come over and adjust me about once every 4 minutes - and I am not enjoying all of the adjustments. Finally, things come to a head. We get to the restorative portion of the session. I'm laying down. Trying to subtly adjust my crying body. And Sheree comes up behind and says "Ok Morgan, I'm just going to adjust your shoulders a bit..." Grabs shoulder blade. Pulls down towards my butt. Draws borderline expletive from my mouth. Sorry, Sheree... maybe you shouldn't grab that. I try to smile reassuringly, but I probably just look like I'm grimacing in pain... well... I AM in pain...

Needless to say, I will be back at the studio tomorrow morning... I have to keep an eye out for cute Colorado guy...

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