Friday, February 20, 2009

Some of the good nevers of triathlon

I stole or "borrowed" this idea from the blog "Yoga in the Adirondacks" written by a sweet yoga teacher named Debbie - this is my version of her "Never..." poem.

Never worry that you don't have enough time - the only thing you don't have enough time for is rushing - it will only set you back.

Never let it be all about winning - as soon as that happens, you'll always be losing, even if you're still getting medals.

Never forget that you started somewhere weak and slow and scared - just like the new triathlete racking their Wal-Mart bike next to yours.

Never let it become about the gear, the clothes, or any of the other stuff - it's only as fast as you are.

Never be so worried about you're eating that you pass up your mom's homemade sweet rolls.

Never let your fears, doubts, setbacks, and failures define who you are as an athlete or a person.

Never be too married to your own training plan to be able to take a beginner out on the bike, on the trail, or in the water.

Never forget the joy of an early morning run on your favorite trail as the sun comes up through the tree branches and everyone else is asleep.

Never forget your reason for doing this.

Never think you aren't good enough.

Never look back (especially on an open water swim course).


  1. Very nice words. I think I just joined you on that injured boat, ouch. Thanks for you comment. She's an amazing woman.

  2. Ah, I see I got it out of my head and into yours! Very nicely done. (Oh, and that newbie with the Wal-Mart bike in the rack next to you would be me! Extra dorky because it's a hybrid.)